Construction materials

CEM III/A 42,5 N - III/A 42,5N- SRC

CEM III/A 42,5 N and III/A 42,5 N/SRC is a cement with blast furnace slag, with high final mechanical resistance and normal initial resistance, according to the UNE-EN 197-1 standard and sulphate resistant according to the UNE 80303-1 standard, with the designation III/A 42,5 N/SRC, complying with the provisions of the certificate of conformity with the regulatory requirements of RD 1313/1988.


improvement strategies


  • Reduction of up to 45% of the carbon footprint compared to a reference cement.
  • More than 44,62 % recycled content.
  • Easily recyclable product.

Product in the framework of new business models

Reducing impact in the company

Design aimed at partial product recovery

Product designed for a second life

Longer product life

Enviromental optimisation in the use phase

Enviromental optimisation in distribution

Design for product end-of-life