Reconditioned device, through which the accumulation of waste is avoided thanks to the reuse of components and the recycling of parts. The pollution generated by electronic waste is reduced, avoiding the generation of more toxic waste. The ecological footprint of the devices and the carbon emissions derived from manufacturing are reduced, thanks to the second life given to the devices. Extending the useful life of equipment, as well as taking care of material resources and the environment by reducing the need to consume raw materials.


improvement strategies


  • 75% of the parts in each device are recoverable.
  • Using a mobile phone for an additional year will reduce its lifetime CO2 impact by a third.
  • Reduced emissions from the manufacture of new devices.

Product in the framework of new business models

Reducing impact in the company

Design aimed at partial product recovery

Product designed for a second life

Longer product life

Enviromental optimisation in the use phase

Enviromental optimisation in distribution

Design for product end-of-life