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385/65R22.5 DURAVIS R-STEER 002 DRS2Z

The DURAVIS R-STEER 002 is the set of tyres offering versatility for regional transport, thanks to their innovative design, excellent grip and NanoPro-Tech technology, reducing energy loss and rolling resistance. Thanks to the Environmental Footprint Calculation tool, production has a lower environmental impact and improvements are implemented to minimise it.


improvement strategies


  • Production with 44% less environmental impact.
  • Reducción del impacto en el medio por el consumo de agua (78%) y gasto energético (62%).
  • Mejora de compromiso ambiental colaborando con partes interesadas externas.

Product in the framework of new business models

Reducing impact in the company

Design aimed at partial product recovery

Product designed for a second life

Longer product life

Enviromental optimisation in the use phase

Enviromental optimisation in distribution

Design for product end-of-life